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Unveiling the New EpiSafe Logo: A Symbol of Connection and Care

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new EpiSafe logo! It is infused with meaningful elements and vibrant colours. Read on to uncover the thoughtful symbolism encapsulated in our design.

A Union: Mother and Baby

Positioned on the left, the mother figure is in purple and signifies the core of our focus—women with epilepsy. On the right, the baby in yellow underscores our dedication to their children.

The Connecting Element

The red connecting element visually links the mother to the baby. This vital bridge enriches the visual depth of the logo but also symbolises the biological and emotional connection between the mother and her child.

The Color Story

  • Purple: The colour purple is associated with epilepsy, it's linked to the mother who has epilepsy.

  • Yellow: This optimistic colour represents positivity and optimism, capturing our hopeful outlook for the advancement of evidence and health of the children of women with epilepsy.

  • Red: Serving as an accent colour, red signifies the blood link between mother and child, emphasizing the biological bond and enriching the overall design palette.

A Pill of Safety: The Overall Shape

The combined elements within the logo mimic the shape of a pill or medication, underlining our commitment to research on safe pharmacological practices for pregnant, postpartum, or lactating women with epilepsy.

The S for ‘Safe’

Incorporated within the design is an 'S' symbolising the word 'Safe'. This highlights our unyielding commitment to the safety of both mother and baby throughout pregnancy and beyond.


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