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Banner image for EpiSafe Research featuring a close-up of a pregnant woman's belly with her hands gently cradling her bump. The text 'EpiSafe Research' is prominently displayed over the image, suggesting a focus on pregnancy and epilepsy research


Improving the safety of pregnant women with epilepsy and their children

Graphic icon of a healthcare professional sitting at the bedside of a pregnant woman with a fetal monitor in the background

Enhance Epilepsy Specialist Care

Many pregnant women with epilepsy do not receive adequate specialist care.


Our goal is to develop a personalised care bundle, known as 'EpiSafe,' that is accessible and relevant to women with epilepsy, especially those at high risk.

Icon showing two figures, representing children playing, one handling a some toy bricks looking at the other

Evaluating Epilepsy Medication Safety

With concerns over older anti-epileptic medicines, newer ones are often prescribed, yet their long-term effects on babies are unknown.


We aim to study these effects to help pregnant women make decisions.

Graphic icon of an adult male figure standing next to a girl, symbolizing family involvement

Involving Women and Families in the Research

 We are committed to working with women who have experience of epilepsy and pregnancy, alongside their family and the people that support them.


Our research reflects real needs and experiences, co-designing solutions, and building a supportive community.

Understanding and supporting pregnant women and mothers with Epilepsy

Epilepsy is the second highest cause of maternal mortality during pregnancy or after childbirth in the UK. It can impact the lives of mothers and their children profoundly affecting their independence, mental well-being, and ability to care for their families.

Recognising the urgent need for comprehensive care and understanding of epilepsy during pregnancy, our research programme is designed to enhance understanding, improve care, and safeguard the well-being of pregnant women with epilepsy and their children.

smiling pregnant woman in a blue cardigan and white top lovingly gazes down at her young daughter, who is hugging her belly, in a warm, homey setting, conveying a moment of family affection and maternal bonding.

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